The most famous cabarets in Paris

The Paris we know is a romantic city, many couples plan trips to celebrate wedding anniversaries, among other special occasions. What we will know in the list below is another point of view. The night in France is extremely agitated and full of famous cabarets, irresistible attractions for both the local public and tourists. So let’s rock it!

La Nouvelle Eve


Located on the hill of Montmartre, this old cabaret has a starry roof, everything is very colorful and they have dancers’ shows, all of them are well dressed and attractive. Whoever sits in the first chairs ends up participating in the show, the dancer will include you in it, with classics like Cancan and juggling. In winter it has individual shows in place of the traditional cabaret.

Chez Michou

Plan Cabaret Michou sur la carte de Paris

Very intimate, he has a lot of fame for parodies of personalities from all over the world, Michou receives the guests in person and soon after everyone enjoys a burlesque performance. The climate is mild and the fun is guaranteed, as the place is small, you can follow the show lasting an hour and a half.

Le Paradis Latin

Visitar Le Paradis Latin

Romance and glamor exude the environment. In this establishment you can find modernity mixed with originality, the shows are real spectacles for the eyes, the costumes are impeccable and handmade. It adds technologies, many effects and beautiful scenarios.

Le Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse Paris reveals its futuristic show, “Bionic Showgirl”! - Crazy  Horse Paris

Full of eroticism, this cabaret is a cult of the feminine and women perform with a play of light that causes sensations to the senses of the human body. Everything is very intimate, visit it and you will not regret it!

Le Lido

PARIS, FRANCE - DECEMBER 20, 2017: Logo of Lido de Paris club on their  main... - License, download or print for £1.49 | Photos | Picfair

This one has a very interesting diversity of shows, it is located on Avenue des Champs-Elysées, which is already famous in itself. Le Lido goes from the simplest dances to performances with water, a delight to watch, you will even see a girl dancing on ice skates. It celebrates all the city’s originality.

Le Moulin Rouge

File:Le Moulin Rouge Paris 18ème.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

This cabaret needs no introduction, created in 1889, it creates magical nights for its audience. The tables are perfectly decorated and, before starting the real show, you are involved in the environment, involvement provided by the band. The show scenes are original, the songs give the impression that you are in a musical and the costumes are luxurious. It is a spectacle that provokes the mind, animals are also part of the show, in the circus part of the presentation, which makes everything more sublime. It has been the stage for artists from all over the world!

With this list, go as soon as possible to enjoy these famous cabarets. The French capital will offer you much more than a romantic walk, it will pique all your senses.

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