Sex workers teach how to treat them

Sex workers teach how to treat them

When people go to the supermarket they know how to take the queue, respect the customer in front of them. You go to a store and follow basic protocols like checking in and paying for your product. If a person, man or woman, works with their own body, why wouldn’t you be nice and considerate to these professionals too?

What should not be done while enjoying or experiencing experiences with the services provided. A stripper who does her show can hear unpleasant comments, “I didn’t see your breasts …”, “You didn’t take off your clothes!”, Since the purpose of the dance is to seduce and not just expose a naked body, it sucks listen to comments like that.

Some 85 percent of prostitutes in a Danish survey say they are sex workers because of the money. Their average earnings differ little from the national average. (Photo: Colourbox)

Sometimes she is hired to do a striptease at a bachelor party, the audience is several men excited and determined to get the best out of it. Women report that boys cross the line when they try to touch their bodies inappropriately. It will dance, do a beautiful choreography, it will excite everyone and insinuate itself, but it should only be played when it signals the person to do it. Nothing to stick your hand in, the stripper is not paid to have sex with anyone, for that they are other types of professionals, who can also be paid to do the job very well.

Finally, a very good thing to do is to deal with everything in the dialogue, respect the limits of the professional. For example, a prostitute deserves that you have the minimum of personal hygiene, communicate what you like, she doesn’t have a crystal ball to guess your desires. None of this needs to be uncomfortable, the more she knows, the better the result of the work.

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