Sex Tourism: Famous Countries

Everyone has desires, whether it be a good trip, or to associate this trip with sexual experiences and endless adventures. Many industries are constantly growing and sex tourism is one of them. We will list some famous destinations around the world to help you choose locations with professional services.


Famous for the Red Light District, it has been an extremely popular destination for a long time. They are a reference in offering highly specialized services, such as luxury escorts and the most beautiful gigolos.


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Prostitution is legalized, although companies are a more delicate issue, it is possible to find professionals in several cities, mainly in the state capitals and the surrounding areas.


DEP John Caccavale big in hot water for trolling for hookers in Greenwich  Village - New York Daily News

It is a very visited country, this includes the demand for sex tourism. Despite having high rates of sexually transmitted diseases, Kenya has gained fame among many women after men who are free and available to fulfill their deepest desires.


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In addition to being sought after for its trendy parties, the country has a lively night scene with its popular bars.
Dominican Republic – It is at one of the highest points in the scale of places with high sex tourism, with a large export of professionals in the same area. Prostitutes can be found even in the streets, in the most central parts of the country.


Germany's legalized sex industry is booming | The World from PRX

The history of prostitution is long in this country. It is tradition to have legal establishments with wonderful women, there is a culture behind this scenario, these houses had a reputation for fighting crimes just for the type of service they offered.
To be successful on your trip, always look for specialized agencies, research the local culture and make the most of it, traveling mentally too!

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