One night in Paris

Many people’s dream has always beeen to visit Paris, the french capital always been see as a great place to visit. I always imagined what it would be like to enter in the Moulin Rouge, until finally after saving for two years, dude, I did it!
Among the most visited tourist places in Paris are the Arc de Triomphe; Champs-Élysées Avenue, one of the most famous in the world; the beautiful Alexandre III Bridge over the River Seine; Notre Dame Cathedral, in addition to the Louvre Museum with important works. But…
But I wasn’t very interested in visiting these places, I was looking for sex, luxury escorts, masseuses and all kinds of pleasures, and the ball always looks for the best player.
Not to say that I just wanted sex, I went to the Moulin Rouge, I saw a very hot woman there, who seemed not to have sex in weeks, I immediately imagined a quick fuck after the event. As soon as the show was over, I approached the woman, trying to get in touch, it was then that before I approached her I saw a black man kiss her cheek, put it on, but I don’t give up on that pussy. I went there for them and introduced myself, when I touched the woman’s hand, I put more strength than usual in my touch, and without her husband realizing it, I squeezed her ass, which seemed to me that she liked it a lot, probably she was all wet, this woman is so hot. I’m going to have sex with her, I realized that her husband is over the buill.
I started talking to her husband about my visit to Paris, when the woman invited me to dinner at their house.
I accepted of course, I went to their house, a beautiful house on Rue Tholozé. We got to the place, i came all the way thinking about eating that pussy, but I needed to talk football with her husband, which was very boring.
We entered the house and the maid went directly to place dinner.
I sat down at a beautiful wooden table, which I only thought about having sex with that bitch there.
The woman said she didn’t want to eat anything, just have a glass of wine, which must have increased her horny. After dinner was over, her husband simply fell asleep in the living room.Leaving that slut alone with me, who called me to her room, upon entering the room I was surprised by that white woman with huge breasts and a wet pussy. After undressing, she started giving me a wonderful massage and oral sex, then the bitch asks me to stick my penis in her vagina very hard, she then starts to moan with pleasure, which reminds me that her husband is sleeping,but her moan does not wake her husband, but it draws the attention of the maid who asks to join in the game with her boss.That night in Paris, it becomes a moment of great pleasure and sex with two real pussies, women asking for hard sex with my dick, all while the tall black husband sleeps in the living room.
If I knew that that visit to the moun la rouge would be so pleasant, i would go there always, Paris is really a wondrous place.

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