Five movies with luxury escorts

5 movies with luxury escorts

Find out below five films that starred in theaters and represented, each with its stories and aspects, the lives of luxury escorts. They vary between films with a very romantic atmosphere, which have been marked in everyone’s memory, others deal with specific stories that happen in the lives of these sex workers.

Belle de Jour

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A classic, a young woman, Séverine, played by Catherine Deneuve, loves her husband Pierre, but he doesn’t satisfy her sexually. She starts to escape from him and go to a brothel, where she meets Madame Anais, who makes it possible for Séverine to be a prostitute in this same place. This way she is satisfied in the afternoon and at night she stays with her husband.

Pretty Baby

Pretty Baby | The Fan Carpet

Violet, played by Brooke Shields, is a young girl who spends her childhood in the brothel where her mother is a prostitute. She gains a little brother and longs to follow in her mother’s footsteps, she takes care of him and prepares herself. At the age of twelve, the girl’s virginity is put up for auction, which makes her happy at the moment because she thinks she has to be wanted like other prostitutes. She ends up marrying a photographer much older than herself.

Jeune et Jolie

Film Review: Jeune et Jolie (2013) | Charlie Elgar | Film Critic

A highly interesting film that portraits four different points of view, the main character, a teenager named Isabelle who loses her virginity on her vacation. From there, she decides to prostitute herself, even without needing the money to live. The character came to life by the actress Marine Vacth.


Malena | Official Trailer (HD) - Monica Bellucci, Giuseppe Sulfaro | MIRAMAX - YouTube

Monica Belucci plays the attractive Malena, who is married, but her husband was summoned to war, World War II, and a teenager named Renato falls in love with her. He creates a protective instinct and decides to follow her everywhere. She is very desired by men and hated by wives.

Leaving Las Vegas

Leaving Las Vegas (1995) Full Movie - video dailymotion

Nicholas Cage is Ben Anderson, a playwright fired from his position as a screenwriter in glorious Hollywood. This film portrays Ben’s bond with Sera, a prostitute played by Elisabeth Sue, and they meet when Ben decides to immerse himself in his alcohol addiction. They live in a troubled relationship, on the condition that she cannot ask him to stop drinking. Despite the controversial theme, it is worth checking the outcome of the story.

With these examples of films, which portray various realities that involve the lives of sex workers, do not waste time and watch them in sequence! Prepare a popcorn, call a good company or enjoy these great moments of cinema by yourself!

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