It was supposed to be just an ordinary day, I worked hard, I get home, I open the fridge and grab a beer, I stretch my feet and take off my boots while I relax.

But suddenly my vacation is interrupted by my new neighbor, she recently moved and seems to have problems with the house, fuck it I’m just going to home for sleep, a neighbor asked me for help to kill a rat that entered her living room , I breathe deeply and I will. Arriving at her house, I find a very messy house, it looks like a teenager’s room, I would never think that a forty year old woman would be able to live in a place like this, so I start looking for the rat in the room, a 40 year old single woman with no children, she says she will wait in the room because she is afraid of the animal, which surprises me very much being afraid of a small rodent, I look for the animal and nothing. Then suddenly she calls me in her room saying that the mouse is there, but when I arrive at the place I find herself having sex with her fingers alone, calling me and saying that she has wanted me in her bed for a long time, she immediately starts to me having oral sex and giving me a good pleasure.Fuck dude, I would never think that woman would be so hot! I won the lottery, sexy free near house with a real pussy it’s so good! It’s the best thing that I ever wanted!

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